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Shayla Jackson-Wooden

Family Ambassador


BCCS takes the time to understand the needs of kids, families, & communities!

Shayla Jackson-Wooden
My Story

I'm a Buffalo born and raised African-American woman whose adult life started earlier than most. I'm an accomplished teen mother that proved every statistic and bad narrative about teen pregnancy and lack of education wrong. I graduated high school with the class of 2000, with my then one year old son and living on my own. I worked in health care for a while, went to SUNY Buffalo State and graduated with a Bachelors in Science and within one year, graduated from Daemen College with my Masters in Social Work. For the last 12 years I have been working in Early Childhood Education.

What Brings Me Joy

I love all things fun, laughter, spending time with my loved ones, traveling and self-care. I also love when someone successfully accomplishes their goals no matter how big or small; seeing and helping people heal from past traumas and go from surviving to thriving. Overall, just seeing someone happy!

What I'm Good At

I am good at changing narratives and I'm passionate about advocating for and supporting those who can’t do it for themselves. I am a solution-driven person and helping individuals and families is my passion. My philosophy on life is that everyone can heal and everyone can thrive, but the education and knowledge of self is key.

What the World Needs

The worlds needs: patience, healing, transparency, love for the fellow human, acceptance of individuality, and kindness.

Why Commons?

Buffalo Commons represents exactly what our community has needed from a school for quite some time. I don’t involve myself in things I don’t believe in. Being born and raised on the east side of Buffalo and a single mother at one point, I know all too well the challenges and adversities that many families encounter. Buffalo Commons gets it! They understand the community in which they serve, they understand the social an emotional needs of their students and have created programming that will build upon the students socially, emotionally and academically. I am honored and proud to be a part of a team that is willing to take the time to understand the needs of children, families and community and provide quality programming that will enhance their quality of life and produce successful academic outcomes.

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