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Our Approach

Meaningful. Purposeful. Empowering.

A Commons education is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We bring a diverse group of young people together to learn and grow with one another and give them the tools to shape a better future for all of us.


Check Out Our Virtual Open House!

Interested in getting to know what we're all about? Check out our webinar-style open house to learn more! Questions? Connect with us below for a conversation.

What Guides Our Work?

These Pillars Are What Makes Us All Together Different.

Learning That Matters

Students at Buffalo Commons learn beyond standards. Our curriculum includes project-based learning opportunities that are relevant for students and help develop their confidence and sense of purpose. Driven by our core values, our courses provide real-world, community-based, problem-solving experiences that link students with the shared goals of contributing to their community.

Diversity and Belonging

At Buffalo Commons, we view diversity and belonging as the freedom for every student to truly be themselves and the opportunity to discover who they want to become. Differences become common ground, helping students develop critical thinking skills, a sense of self, and the confidence to impact their community. Our common purpose is to become a force for the common good.

A Sense of Purpose

Commons students explore and expand on questions of who am I? What am I good at? and What do I care about? We help them find where those things overlap with what our world needs. We give them creative problem-solving skills and real-world opportunities to address the issues that matter to them and our community. Over time students create portfolios documenting their journey toward a sense of purpose. This work connects students to our common humanity by recognizing their purpose and value -- while also seeing it in others.

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