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Join Our Team!

Commons is a home for inspiring, collaborative, and effective educators.

Who We Are

What kind of team would I be joining?

At Commons, we know we're stronger together. While individuals can achieve success, only teams rowing in the same direction toward shared goals can transform communities. We are a team aligned across our core values:



We show up fully as ourselves, with integrity, self-awareness, and a proper understanding of “what it takes” to be a great colleague, strong educator, and fulfilled person.


We leverage resources creatively to solve problems and dive right in. We often consult with others, but you can also propose solutions and get things rolling without much guidance.



We enjoy building authentic, mutual relationships across lines of difference. We recognize the value of divergent perspectives and regularly include others in planning and decision-making.​

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We are all in on making a positive difference in the lives of a diverse group of young people in our community. The mission of Commons speaks to us on a soul level.

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There’s always more to know, and we're hungry for it. We constantly absorb information from a variety of sources. If something doesn’t make sense, we ask questions until it does.



​We have a passion for education, an enthusiasm for our students and colleagues, and an ability to find joy and humor in almost any situation - even the challenging ones.

Who We Are
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Is Commons Right for You?

How do you know if this will be a good fit?

Commons is a really special place that is looking for really special people. There are some things that we believe can help you figure out if this might be the professional home you've been looking for:


Do you work best at a mission-driven, values-centered organization?


Do you want to be part of a dynamic, diverse, and dedicated team?


Do you envision a more equitable and inclusive approach to schooling?


Do you love to learn and thrive when you are growing professionally?


Are you committed to securing excellent outcomes for all children?


Does creating something new, strong, and sustainable sound exciting?

Hint: If you answered yes to any of these questions, we should connect about opportunities to join the Commons team!

Is Commons Right For You?

Getting Down to Brass Tacks

What does Commons offer employees?

We know how important it is to provide our team with what they need to build stable and fulfilling lives for themselves and their families. That's why we offer highly competitive comprehensive compensation and benefits packages: 

Getting Down to Brass Tacks
Competitive Salary

Our salary schedule is on par with local districts and takes your experience into account. 

Stipend Opportunities

Unique opportunities like teacher-leader stipends, merit-based bonus structures, and master teacher pathways.

Comprehensive Benefits

A choice of medical, dental, and vision plans to fit the needs of you and your family. Plus, we offer teachers a 401K with a 5% matching contribution.

Continuing Education

We partner with Canisius College to offer every faculty and staff member a 25% discount on tuition.

Student Lottery Preference

Children of Commons employees are offered a preference in our yearly admissions lottery.

Flexible Scheduling

Our schedule provides ample hybrid professional development and select work from home days throughout the year.

Professional Growth

In addition to regular development, we provide individualized resources so that employees can pursue their professional interests freely.

The Proper Resources

Faculty and staff are provided with all necessary technology, supplies, and tools needed to do their best work.


Understanding the Process

What can I expect if I apply to Commons?

Commons is committed to creating an excellent and diverse professional community. We strive for a process that is thorough, efficient, and fair for all candidates. The entire process usually takes 2-3 weeks from start to finish.

Stage 1

Resume Review

Stage 2

Phone Interview

Stage 3

Role Specific Hiring Task

Stage 4

Full Interview

Stage 5

Reference Check

Stage 6


Understanding the Process

Current Opportunities

We're so glad you're here! Explore our current opportunities below, and check back often for updates.

Operations Assistant

Substitute Teacher

General Education Teacher

Special Education Teacher

Resident Teacher

Current Opportunities
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