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Emily Vargas

Founding Faculty


I love that Commons is committed to relevant and engaging curriculum!

Emily Vargas
My Story

I was born and raised in the Bronx but my family is from Puerto Rico. Unfortunately I cannot speak Spanish fluently but I understand it well enough. This was always a challenge for me growing up, being that the Bronx is filled with hispanics from many backgrounds. Nevertheless, my community helped shape who I am and led me to build strong relationships with people from all walks of life and I will forever be grateful for that.

My passion for teaching began when I was young. I worked as a Sunday school teacher and loved to babysit. My passion developed the more I interacted with my educators. I received my bachelors in Inclusive Childhood Education at Houghton College. Then I worked in Family Life Academy Charter School III for about 4 years as a fourth/fifth grade teacher. This fall I am moving to Buffalo to pursue my masters in literacy at Houghton College once again. I look forward to working at Buffalo Commons.

What Brings Me Joy

There are many things that bring me joy. Most importantly, it's the people that I surround myself with that give me the most joy. I am blessed to have an incredible family and amazing friends. I also have 4 brothers and sisters along with 6 beautiful nieces and nephews. They are my pride and joy. Although I love all my students, there is nothing like being at home, eating pernil and rice & playing board games with my big family.

What I'm Good At

I'm good at solving puzzles, working with children and connecting with others. I love building strong & deep relationships. This is why my friendships mean so much to me.

What the World Needs

This world needs people that are more empathetic and kind. If we took the time to understand people and their background, maybe there wouldn't be so much hatred for human life. Maybe we would be able to listen to one another and figure out the best next steps that would benefit everyone regardless of background, economic status or race. Empathy and kindness is essential to building a society that is truly for all people.

Why Commons?

My interest in Buffalo Commons began when I first reviewed their mission and vision. I love that Commons is committed to relevant and engaging curriculum through project based learning. There are tons of research that reveal how effective this model of teaching is. Once I met the leaders of Buffalo Commons, I felt their passion and commitment in creating a welcoming community for both teachers and students. I look forward to this upcoming school year.

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