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Ambiea Khaten

Founding Faculty


BCCS makes students, parents, and staff feel welcomed and loved!

Ambiea Khaten
My Story

As a child, I always had a desire to make an impact. Being a young woman from a Muslim household, I witnessed my father face a lot of injustices and it made me want to do something where I can make a change in the world. I wanted to make an impact in my community and be a part of something that can give hope and inspire others to stand up against injustices and inequality. Teaching has become my road map to doing that. Growing up, I loved working with children and enjoyed tutoring children who needed extra support in reading and writing. At the age of 22, I first entered the classroom setting and had the opportunity to work with 2nd graders. I was overjoyed to be able to actively see the difference in teaching styles from when I was a child to how hard teachers work to provide quality education to our children today. I am excited to continue working in education and work on bettering myself as an educator and a human being so that I can continue to make an impact on my community and provide quality education to the future leaders of our community and society.

What Brings Me Joy

When I am not teaching, some things that bring me joy is spending time with my family. I love going out and enjoying nature. I like to take walks in the park and be by the waterside. I also enjoy reading books and doing arts and crafts.

What I'm Good At

One thing I am good at building strong relationships with the people around me.

What the World Needs

I believe the world needs more love in the world. We need to create schools and environments for students to show love and feel love; part of doing that comes from working together despite differences students might have and being able to solve problems together. In schools that foster working together, effectively advocating for yourself while being kind and respectful, students get the skills and mindsets that they need to live successful and fulfilling lives.

Why Commons?

Buffalo Commons is a school that recognizes and celebrates diversity. They acknowledge the differences in the school community and work to include curriculum that teaches students more about their own cultures and identities as well as others cultures and identities. Buffalo Commons makes students, parents, and staff feel welcomed and loved and that is something the world needs more of.

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